Sexy Teacher (Korean movie) 2006

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Cast: Kim Sa-rang as Ji-young
Park Jun-gyoo as Jae-Seong
Ha Seok-jin as Tae-yo
Ha Dong-hoon as Myong-sub
Lee Hyeok-jae as Slanted Eyes
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Comedy

Ji-young (Kim Sa-Rang) has been placed into a religious all- boys high school as a student teacher. Her arrival brings the entire school to a standstill, with one student even squeezing his milk cartoon and spurting milk out (guess what that imagery is supposed to represent).

Being a Korean high School, the students are ruled by the iron fist of the dean of students, who's called "Slanted Eyes" (Lee Hyeok-jae) and literally shoots laser beams ast those that cross him. At the school festival, he hears some amorous noises in the library, and soon after discover's a shoe that belongs to Ji-Young.

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