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Movie Info - IMDB
Release Date : 16 February 2006
Country : South Korea
Language : Korean
Subtitle(s): English
Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: At the start of the film, Kim Yoon-Seo, an Inspections officer (police inspector) is seen at his home where his brother has been beaten almost to death. His family wants to submit a false appeal to the king accusing the family of the Deputy Prime Minister, the Lim family. The Lim family had by the past submitted a false appeal against Yoon-Seo's family. However Yoon-Seo does not wish to submit such an appeal, much to the anger of his elders.

He returns to the court where the King hands him an important assignment. The King's concubine, Jung-bin, had a painting she had drawn mounted, but it was replaced by an exct copy, she only realised because of the lack of a scribble she had drawn on the back. The King would like Yoon-Suh to find the culprits. Yoon-seo is impressed by the talent of the artist who made the fraudulent copy. Jung-bin is in turn impressed by Yoon-Seo's knowledge on the subject and invites him to talk to her some more about art some day.

(From - IMDB) A noble, high-class scholar starts to write erotic novels in 18th century of Chosun dynasty. He falls in love with a king's woman
Cast : Jong-ryol Choi, Suk-kyu Han, Min-jung Kim, Beom-su Lee, Dal-su Oh, Tae-kyung Oh

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