Han Hyo-joo's first bed scene: "So Ji-sub was good to me..."

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A mature change in the movie "Always"

So Ji-sub: "I've done it many times..."

Actress Han Hyo-joo attempted her first bed scene.

Her bed scene was revealed at the movie preview in Apgujeong CGV, Seoul, on September 20th.

On this day, the highlight of the movie was the love scene between the former boxer and a woman who is losing her eyesight. The movie is about the two washing away each others' pain. Han Hyo-joo and So Ji-sub are the lead characters, and in the bed scene they realize the love that is destined for them.

As much as Han Hyo-joo approached the audience with innocence until now, this change is very fresh. She should display more maturity from now on, and she her role in the movie was carried out exceptionally well.

Director Song Il-gon avoided details but Han Hyo-joo said, "It was my first ever bed scene. So Ji-sub led me well and so it wasn't too bad". So Ji-sub laughed and said, "I have done it many times".

Relating to love, Han Hyo-joo said, "I always want to love. I am happy I can love someone with all my heart in a movie. I enjoyed the movie so much I could even do only melodramas from now on".

"Always" has been chosen as the opening movie of the 16th Busan International Film Festival, starting on the 6th of October.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )
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