"Masquerade" two Lee Byeong-Heons

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Actor Lee Byeong-Heon was seen on the poster of "Masquerade".

"Masquerade" is about a commoner becoming king instead of the real King Gwang-hae who is on the verge of being taken down. The movie talks about the 15 days missing from history.

In the poster, there are two Lee Byeong-Heon's. One of them is Kong Gwang-hae who is looking at the commoner who looks like him and the commoner has his head down and is unable to look at the king in the face.

This is the first time Lee Byeong-Heon is playing two roles at once with extreme difference in character.

The copy that says "8 years of King Gwang-hae's rule, another king disappears" makes one curious about the 15 days that don't exist in history. The energy between the two Lee Byeong-Heon's seem to be significant. To be released in Chuseok.

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